Automobile/General Liability/Property

A collection of exceptional programs and resources designed to manage claims towards the best possible outcome.

Accident Reconstruction.

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eClaims works with a team of experienced and knowledgeable accident reconstruction experts. Many of whom are former state/local police officers, trained to quickly respond to loss scenes and launch a thorough investigation to determine liability. These accident reconstruction experts are certified by Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR).

Litigation Management.

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The Litigation Management program serves as a legal resource. Our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys work to set expectations for outside counsel, enforce billing and case handling guidelines, perform rigorous review of legal bills and budgets, and design litigation strategy on all large loss claims.

Fire & Explosions Investigations.

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A team of nationally certified experts has decades of police, fire, and private investigational experience International Association of Arson Investigators (I.A.A.I.) and National Association of Fire Investigators (N.A.F.I.) certifications. These experts are certified in fire, explosion and vehicle investigations. They are qualified to offer opinions as experts in multiple jurisdictions including district, state, and federal courts. These investigators are also versed in identification and collection of evidence.


MIST (Minor Impact, Soft Tissue Injury).

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The MIST program is used to combat injury allegations from low impact collisions. The program works with dedicated SIU defense counsel to reduce over treatment of these alleged injuries. eClaims uses bio mechanical evaluations and the latest 4D imaging technology coupled with our SIU initial evaluation to stop non meritorious claims. We have also developed a team of field appraisers that evaluate damage to vehicles, take statements to uncover if alleged injuries actually occurred.

Environmental Claims Management & Industry Related Claims.

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Licensed claim adjusters both staff adjusters and field adjusters are specialized experts with industry knowledge and experience in handling environmental losses. Adjusters have a proven track record of successful investigation and adjustment of environmental losses that impact commercial organizations in various segments of the energy industry including construction, property, fuel distribution, transportation, and utilities. eClaims offers an innovative and proactive approach to handling workers’ compensation claims. Medical only claims require medical treatment but does not prevent the worker from working.

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