Automobile/General Liability/Property

A collection of exceptional programs and resources designed to manage claims towards the best possible outcome.


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The heart of the program, this team will handle every detail of customer service from new loss creation to immediate customer notification when a claim is received.

Our A-Team monitors special account instructions and coordinates requests for claim reviews.

Total Loss Unit.

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Each claim is priced based on an individual salvage value to determine the best outcome. Our extensive network of buyers for cars and heavy trucks can truly maximize your total loss returns.

Fuel Contamination Claims.

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Our team, supplemented with our outside experts, can quickly get control of a fuel contamination claim.

Subrogation/Salvage Unit.

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eClaims Management provides a dedicated Subrogation/Salvage Team focused on all recovery efforts including the use of our own litigation attorneys.

All claims received are reviewed at least twice for subrogation potential through our second look program. We utilize arbitration, mediation or other alternative dispute resolutions to aggressively recover for a client.

SIU (Special Investigation Unit).

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Our Special Investigation Unit (SIU) takes a proactive and aggressive approach to detecting and identifying potential fraud.

All First Notices of Loss are reviewed upon receipt for signs of potentially questionable claims. Prior claims history, background checks, social media, and criminal record searches are conducted as applicable.

From the onset of the claim, our SIU team works directly with the assigned Adjuster and Manager to share relevant information so that questionable activity can be addressed and a claim strategy developed.

MIST (Minor Impact, Soft Tissue Injury) Program.

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Our MIST (Minor Impact, Soft Tissue Injury) program is used to combat injury allegations from low impact collisions.

The program works with dedicated SIU defense counsel to reduce over treatment of these alleged injuries. eClaims uses Bio Mechanical evaluations and the latest 4D imaging technology coupled with our SIU initial evaluation to stop non meritorious claims.

Litigation Management.

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Our Litigation Management program serves as a legal resource for Adjusters, Managers, and Management.

Our teams of experienced and knowledgeable attorneys work to set expectations for outside counsel, enforce billing and case handling guidelines, perform rigorous review of legal bills and budgets, and design litigation strategy on all Large Loss claims.

Through best practice planning and strategic case management, our Litigation Management team strives to control litigation “spend” and reduce the life-cycle of litigated claims.

ICC (Investor Created Claim) Unit.

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Faced with growing financed litigation schemes, eClaims has developed a dedicated team approach to Investor Created Claims that applies SIU and MIST approaches to identify these claims early.

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