Workers Compensation

An innovative and proactive approach to handling Workers Compensation claims.

Nurse Triage Program

We offer the ability to have claims reported 24/7 to a live Registered Nurse.

These nurses can often triage injuries over the phone, saving the costs of emergency room care and often getting injured workers into urgent care facilities.


Nurse Case Management Team

eClaims understands the critical importance of Nurse Case Management.

It is our practice to apply, at a minimum, telephonic nurse case management to almost every lost time claim.

Our investment in Nurse Case Management has returned substantial cost savings and success stories.

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CAT Team

eClaims has the resources and experience to handle any catastrophic injury through the use of our dedicated Workers Compensation CAT Team.


Return to Work Program/Transitional Work Solutions

eClaims management strategically partners with Transitional Work Solutions to place an injured worker with a non-profit organization when light duty is not available with their employer.

This approach gives an additional option in the handling of Worker’s Compensation claims.


InsurCard and Virtual Card

eClaims was one of the first to implement this creative approach to address payments to injured workers.

Paying by debit card reduces fraud and helps avoid costly overpayments.

With the use of the Virtual Card, you can eliminate the traditional costs of issuing checks on medical bill payments saving up to $10.00 per check issued.


ODG (Official Disability Guidelines)

eClaims uses ODG (Official Disability Guidelines) as a process not an event.

Our adjuster set initial reserves to ODG guidelines and then monitors the progress of a claim to the timeframes listed.


Physical Therapy Program

eClaims has a dedicated Physical Therapy Assistant on staff who works with our adjusters to review all questionable physical therapy bills.

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